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At KMV Spaces, we have inherited a rich legacy of the KMV Group. We are passionate about our work and believe our strength lies in our construction expertise, proven track record, our mobilization capabilities & access to resources.

KMV spaces has entered the real estate space with five pillars embedded in its DNA, which are our fundamental commitment and drive our way of working.

spaces-icon2Customer Centricity

Our customer will always be at the center of everything we plan & build. We sincerely believe that we exist & prosper only because of our customers.


Quality & Perfection

Decades of experience, with a policy to deliver uncompromised quality gives the perfection in everything we build. We follow highest quality standards for materials, services & project execution.

spaces-icon4Technology infused design

We are a tech savvy company constantly keeping close track of latest technological advances to be used in our design & execution, to be always innovative & to cater the changing customer needs.

spaces-icon5Transparency & Integrity

As an internal imperative Transparency & Integrity has always been our culture and we as part of our corporate governance, ensure transparency in all our internal & external processes and are committed to follow ethical business practices.

spaces-icon6Agility & Punctuality

We believe in being on time, every time be it customer response or product delivery.


With several landmark projects which stand as testimony to KMV’s execution capabilities, KMV Spaces will bring the KMV Group’s trust, innovation & excellence to the real estate industry. We will always keep customer at the centre and make Real estate ownership a fulfilling experience through service, technology and designs that reflects thoughtfulness & sustainability.



8-3-948/949, Level 5, Solitaire Plaza
Ameerpet, Hyderabad – 500073
Telangana, India

Phone: +91 40 30171111